Portsmouth art students present gallery to school board

In recognition of Board Appreciation Month, the Portsmouth School Board was treated to a special art show at Portsmouth High School during its January board meeting. In addition to the board members, parents and visitors were also invited to browse the exhibit in the high school library, featuring artwork created by junior high and high school students under the teachings of April Deacon.

“This year was cool because my students did a collaboration with the third-grade arts council. We had third-grade students draw pictures of monsters and then my high school students sculpted them and made them three-dimensional, and we had those together in the show,” Deacon said. “It was great to have parents from the high school and the elementary school, as well. It made for a really big turnout and it was fun.”

There were sections within the gallery showcasing different mediums and classes, such as two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, Art 1, and AP Art. Deacon said this year her students are excited to work with clay sculpting.

“The response to the show was really positive. I love this show because it shows off what we’ve been doing the whole year. Every single high school student that’s in an art class has work in this show,” Deacon said.

To show their appreciation to board members, art students traditionally give them a small gift during the January meetings. This year, the students gave each of the board members a “Postivie P-Town Vibes” sweatshirt.

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