Music Monday was also Magnet Monday as teachers and staff of Portsmouth High School passed out Trojan car magnets to parents and students in the parking lot on the morning of Oct. 10. 

“We went to Choose Happiness training this summer, and we chose a project to brighten everyone’s morning and make everyone smile. We stand out here and tell them good morning every Monday and play some music. This week we wanted to add to it and spread a little red, white, and blue by giving everybody a magnet for their car,” said PBIS Coordinator Amy Hughes.

As parents and students pulled up to the school on Monday morning, they were greeted by smiling, dancing teachers, welcoming them to another terrific Trojan week and handing out magnets. The magnets were designed by Art Teacher April Deacon, with the message “You Belong Here” to parents, students, and staff.

“Everybody belongs here. We’ve been spreading this message that whether you’re an artist or an athlete or an academic, all of those kids belong here and we welcome everyone to the district. It’s about unity and making sure everybody feels accepted,” Deacon said.

If you’d like a magnet for your car, you can pick one up at Portsmouth High School while they last.