EPE Orange Frog

Portsmouth City School District put on a happy face for Orange Frog Week, Oct. 24-26, with special activities for the students in each of the buildings.

Orange Frog is a program that promotes happiness among the students and staff of Portsmouth City School District. The district was introduced to it earlier this year and trained every staff member in its principles before the beginning of the school year. 

“Happiness is a choice that we all make each and every day. This is a chance to express that with our fellow staff members, our students, and our community. Anyone we come into contact with throughout the day, and each other,” said Portsmouth Superintendent Scott Dutey. 

At East Portsmouth Elementary School this week, students celebrated with movies, popcorn and slushies, and a students vs teachers volleyball game. They finished the week on Wednesday with their Halloween costume parties in the classrooms.

“We were just trying to get the message of happiness out this week. Let’s do fun things and fun activities. The popcorn and slushies were a hit. Everybody was happy and I got all kinds of thank yous,” said Librarian Amanda Cantrell. “The volleyball game was a huge success also. They loved it, so we’re thinking about doing it again.”

Also as part of Orange Frog, staff will occasionally drop “joy bombs” on students in the form of their favorite candies and treats just to brighten their days. The school also has a monthly Orange Frog pizza party for students who are recognized by teachers for being extra kind and caring this month.

There were no students at the school on Thursday and Friday this week while teachers had parent conferences. But the staff kept the Orange Frog Activities going with a chili cook-off.

“I love the Orange Frog experience. I love the whole philosophy behind it. I love the happiness and kindness and the teamwork,” Cantrell said.